Kaokoland Guides is a guiding organisation based in Epupa, Namibia who is here to help you peel back the layers of the vast open areas of Northern Namibia and Southern Angola. Epupa is 180 kilometres from Opuwo which is considered the last frontier town of northern Namibia. From here at Epupa we serve passing travellers with a number of services from taking you on Himba village visits to providing petrol or diesel to you, we can also act in any capacity you wish us to as guides for the area surrounding Epupa, into southern Angola and into the vast reaches of Kaokoland.

We know that all travellers are different so we pride ourselves in helping you have your own Namibian experience as no two paths are ever the same. Our upbringing and nomadic wanderings through Kaokoland as youngsters have allowed us to gain a knowledge that very few other guides can boast. As young Himba's we followed out livestock in search of fresh grazing and water. These wanderings taught us to live from the land, it allowed us to grow our understanding for the area and gave us a firm knowledge base that allows us to give you the best advice and information that we can possibly deliver on anything with in Kaokoland. Having locals on board will allow you to travel without hassle and we can play as big a part of your trip as you would like.

If you would like us to take the reigns and steer you along the Kunene border of Northern Namibia, or organise a motor bike trek through southern Angola we will be the guides you will need.

We will liaise with you along every step of your journey and if it is just a safe and enjoyable visit to out beautiful home town of Epeupa we will have you covered. No request is too large or too small, so please feel free to browse our site, read our information and ask for any advice or quotes for our services. Kaokoland Guides are here to serve you and to give you an insight into what we think is the best corner of the beautiful African continent.