Our services rely on the quality of our guides. We feel it is best to know a little about us before you trust your Kaokoland experiences to us. 

John Muhenje

John Muhenje was born in 1972 in Epembe which is located in the South East of Kaokoland. When he was a  small boy he used to look after the families animals at their small homestead. Here he grew up living the traditonal Himba life. His days of being the families shepard saw him travel vast distances and spend a lot of time alone learning off the land and from the families livestock. These travels interested him and he discovered he wanted to learn more as there was only so much family and elders could teach him. John started school when he was 18 as he had a thirst for knowledge. He had been living a sheltered life up until then in regards to schooling and education and realised that he wanted to share his knowledge of his homeland. John finished his schooling in 2000 and began to further his education in tourism and guiding. This was when he realised he needed to learn a little more in regards to working with people, so he moved to Epupa. Once he arrived in Epupa he began working and learning alongside Nathan Shorty who was in the area to teach others about tourism and the possibilities that were available to locals considering Namibia was a growing tourist destination that was slowly being opened up to passing travellers. At this stage he was trained up by the Namibian Tourism board and began working as the areas first guide. Since then John has continued to study whilst guiding people through Kaokoland and there is not a day that passes that he doesn't  think he is the luckiest person in the world as he has a job he loves and gets the opportunity to teach others of the cultures and creatures that call the Kaokoland home.


Owen Kataparo Muhenje

Owen Kataparo Muhenje grew up like John as a traditional Himba boy. His earlier years were spent tending to his families livestock . Living closer to Epupa allowed him frequent visits into town where he began to see there was a life outside of his traditional duties. Not wanting to shun his traditional life entirely Owen found that he could take visitors into the areas villages and teach them a thing or two about his culture. By the age of 16 he was working as a full time guide in and around Epupa. Having a good work life balance meant that he wanted to grow his knowledge and this is when he began to take his role as a guide more seriously. Owen traveled to Windhoek to further his education and understanding of travellers needs to gain the necessary certificates needed from the Namibian Tourism board. His training made him also realise there was a need to learn a number of languages so when he is not working as a guide you will find him working on his Italian and Spanish language skills. Owens thirst for travel has recently seen him spend large periods of time exploring the various corners of Southern Angola. On these journeys he has been able to form strong relationships with the various tribes that call the area home and is an integral part of our Southern Angolan journeys.

Robbin Uatokuja


Robbin is a legend in the Kunene region. He has been guiding in the far region of Purros and Koakoland for more year than he cares to remember. If you are looking at visiting the Himba people of Purros or are more interested in exploring the regions hidden canyons and rivers, Robbin is the guide for you. Robbin has worked with many Rhino, desert lion & desert elephant projects helping conservationist protect these beautiful creatures. Robbins experience in the area is second to none, so if the wider western regions of the Kunene region from Purros north or west are where your interests lie, please contact Robbin. If you are looking for a campsite to stay at while in Purros, Robbin runs and owns the Purros Canyon Campsite which is nestled right next to the Hoarusib River.



Sebalon is the best dressed man in the west! The arid bare plains around Orupembe and Marble is where you can find Seb. He is born and raised in the area and knows all there is about the areas people and traditions. If you are really looking at getting off the grid and into an area that is really untouched you should get in contact with Sebalon. If you are searching for the lone stonemen of the Kaokoveld or are just looking for a guide to help you explore the beautiful Marienfluss Valley and beyond, contact Sebalon via Whatsapp on +264 8 18921904. Please note that due to the remote area which Sebalon lives, his response may be slow due to infrequent internet service.