We at Kaokoland Guides pride ourselves on the services we offer. Our base in Epupa allows us to continually run informative and varied day trips to longer multi-day over land tours. Below is a list of services we offer:

Himba Village Visits: This is the most popular service we offer. From Epupa we will travel a short distance into the surrounding area where we will visit one of the local Himba settlements. We will spend a few hours getting to know more about the Himba, their lifestyle, culture and their traditional way of life. You will be provided with detailed information and you will have the opportunity to photograph Africa's most beautiful tribe. Once the visit is finished we will take you on a tour of a number of interesting sights around Epupa. Duration is around three hours and requires you to drive to our chose village.

Crocodile Walk: From your place of lodging we will follow the Kunene Rivers banks upstream in search of the crocodiles that call the area home. Large crocodiles can be seen year round and our local knowledge will have you is a safe position to view these prehistoric reptiles. During our walk we will also spot a number of endemic birds that even for non birding people is a highlight of our walk together. Once we have covered a few kilometres we will then return you safe and sound to your place of lodging. Duration of walk is two hours.

Diesel & Petrol: Being 180 kilometres from Epupa and with no regular fuel suppliers we have found that passing travelers always had a need for fuel. Sometimes travelers did not understand the demands of traveling through Kaokoland, or sometimes others just wanted a little more fuel for peace of mind so we have our own supply of fuel available regardless of your needs. The fuel is brought from Opuwo in sealed and secure 44 gallon drums and is pumped directly to your vessel or vehicle. Costs are competitive with those found in Opuwo. You can then rest assure that you will have enough reliable and clean fuel for your onward journey.

Guide Assisted Self Drive Tours: Epupa is just the beginning of your journey in Kaokoland. For those who really want to see more of our home we offer our services as multiday guides. Using our years of knowledge we will assist you on your self drive holiday to explore the hidden gems of Kaokoland. we will give you the confidence to travel freely and we will direct you on the best roads through conditions that most people would find a little challenging. Our language skills will break down any language barriers that exist with those we meet and we will get you to the best campsites and locations with the greatest of ease. Our flexibility is second to none, so if you are looking at heading into the far reaches of Kaokoland and would like our knowledge on board please get in contact. We will offer ideas on itineraries and time frames required to travel to the areas hidden gems. Areas of our speciality are:

  • Van Zeils Pass
  • Marienfloss
  • Hartmannburg
  • Sera Kafeme
  • Malbol
  • Purros
  • Epupa
  • Sesfontein
  • Swartboisdrift
  • Ruacana

For further information on any of the destinations listed above please feel free to get in contact with us so we can assist you through out your planning and journey.

Kaokoland In Focus Bar: Situated at the top of Epupa's sundowner hill is Kaokoland In Focus Bar. The bar sits on top of a hill looking straight down into the Epupa Falls. There is no better spot to sit and relax than on our front patio and watch the sun slip behind the mountains at sunset. There is a variety of drinks available from cold soft drinks to beer and cider.

Kaokoland In Focus Campsite: There is no other campsite in Epupa that offer spectacular views that we do. Located on top of the beautiful Sundowner Hill our beautifully positioned 8 camping stands offer spectacular views across the Epupa Falls. Hot water showers are available and at the most reasonable prices in Epupa. We are located directly next to the Kaokoland in focus bar. N$75 per person. 

Southern Angola Overland Tours: Southern Angola is an untapped area of tribes, wildlife and forgotten secrets. Travellers are few and far between and finding the right guide is not easy to do. We can assist you in traveling through the area wether it is in your own vehicle or by taking local motorbikes that are found in the small settlements and villages of southern Angola. Roads are bumpy but the sights and people we meet make the effort all the more rewarding soil the secrets of Angola are luring you in it really is just a matter of getting in contact with us to see what we can make possible for you.